2014-06-16 12.55.21

CodeIgniter, dead?

Well I shouldn’t call CodeIgniter dead ‘yet’, since they  released a new version after 8 months of announcing that they are looking for new owners of the framework. But the way it’s now, it might be dead anytime soon.

Why? Countless reasons. It’s the most celebrated framework of it’s time. I remember making awesome stuff with this lovely cuddly framework. It was my first love and it hurt to say good bye to it. But after I met Laravel, i found my new love. It is everything CI is, and also everything CI is not.


CI is not RESTful by default, the code organizing is horrible, does not offer any simplistic solution for it’s age, no proper in-built Object Relation Mapping yada yada yada.


It’s really sad though.

But I guess all good things must come to an end.

  • bhuwan81

    This is all rubbish, this will never be dead.

    • http://ykbks.com/ Yousuf Kamal

      If CI is changed for the better, then it will not die, But if it happens, that won’t probably be CI we grew to love. It’s best to make the jump. If you search around the internet you’ll find that many renowned CI developer gurus are criticizing how old it has become.

      I absolutely LOVE CI. But it has to be upgraded.

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