Solution for Linux Mint disconnecting from WiFi automatically

If you are using Ubuntu or Mint or any other builds of Ubuntu that uses XFCE, you may face this issue. Your wifi connection may suddenly stop working and you may be having to restart the machine.

I’ll describe a solution that worked for me so you won’t have to restart your computer, probably.

First Solution – Check if any power management setting is turned on for your wireless device:

Go to the terminal (usually Alt + F2), and type iwconfig.

See if your wireless device listed has Power Management: Off. If not, a power management setting is turned on for it and is deactivating it after a period of time.

To turn off power management, type

sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off

Replace wlan0 with the interface name that shows in the first section of the device info in iwconfig.

2nd solution – Simply restart the Network Manager:

type in this in the console: sudo service network-manager restart

That should restart your network manager and reconnect to all networks. Note that this will disconnect you for a few seconds from the network.

Hope this helps. To learn more about iwconfig you should go to this link: Linux iwconfig command



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