How to safely remove Linux from Dual boot with Windows

If in any unfortunate case you have to stop using Linux and only use Windows (😢), these is how to safely remove Linux from Dual boot with Windows, that I have found to work well: Caution! Do this at your own risk. If you are not certain of what you are doing, please consult an expert. Make a bootable Windows USB installation device or burn the ISO in a disk (why would you do that?). Insert the device and reboot. Make sure to boot from the device instead of the Hard disk.  Go to Repair PC/Computer. Run the command prompt.

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Solution for Linux Mint disconnecting from WiFi automatically

If you are using Ubuntu or Mint or any other builds of Ubuntu that uses XFCE, you may face this issue. Your wifi connection may suddenly stop working and you may be having to restart the machine. I’ll describe a solution that worked for me so you won’t have to restart your computer, probably. First Solution – Check if any power management setting is turned on for your wireless device: Go to the terminal (usually Alt + F2), and type iwconfig. See if your wireless device listed has Power Management: Off. If not, a power management setting is turned on

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