Working with Classes and WordPress Filters and Actions

If you are like me, you love putting similar code together in a clean manner in classes. In some cases, OOP is Overworking Of PHP (smart, no?). In other cases, it saves a lot of time and repetition if you do this in an object oriented manner. If you are making WordPress plugins, you always have to hook into wordpress’ functionalities using Filters or Actions. We usually do it this way: add_filter(‘the_content’,’add_booyaa_after_content’); function add_booyaa_after_content($content) { $content .= ‘Booyaa!!’; return $content; } Now, it’s a small function. There is no need to do this in a ‘classy’ manner. But if you

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How to set up automatic Cloud Backup of your wordpress site using UpdraftPlus and Google Drive

Set up free automated remote backups with UpdraftPlus

Yes, it is true. If you use WordPress, you ‘are’ vulnerable. Over the past couple of months, I have had to work on a lot of sites that were either hacked because of user errors, or by server level hacks. It is never pleasant. It causes you to loose reputation and money. One of the way to recover from a hack quickly is to recover the site from a pre-hack state backup. So, you need to set up backup that is regular and automatic. Problems with on-disk backups: There are many problems with on-disk backups in the server. As hackers

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