How to safely remove Linux from Dual boot with Windows

If in any unfortunate case you have to stop using Linux and only use Windows (😢), these is how to safely remove Linux from Dual boot with Windows, that I have found to work well:

Do this at your own risk. If you are not certain of what you are doing, please consult an expert.

  1. Make a bootable Windows USB installation device or burn the ISO in a disk (why would you do that?).
  2. Insert the device and reboot. Make sure to boot from the device instead of the Hard disk.
  3.  Go to Repair PC/Computer. Run the command prompt.
  4. type in bootrec /fixmbr and press enter
  5. Now reboot the computer and boot into the windows OS in your HDD.
  6. Go to Control Panel > Disk Management. Delete the Linux drive.

That is it.

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