How to set up automatic Cloud Backup of your wordpress site using UpdraftPlus and Google Drive

Set up free automated remote backups with UpdraftPlus

Yes, it is true. If you use WordPress, you ‘are’ vulnerable.

Over the past couple of months, I have had to work on a lot of sites that were either hacked because of user errors, or by server level hacks. It is never pleasant. It causes you to loose reputation and money.

One of the way to recover from a hack quickly is to recover the site from a pre-hack state backup. So, you need to set up backup that is regular and automatic.

Problems with on-disk backups:

There are many problems with on-disk backups in the server. As hackers can delete all files in your server and leave without any backup to restore the site from.

You could also run out of space to back your site up, as most sites are hosted in limited space.

Solution: Remote, Cloud Backup

Naturally, the solution is to back up the site remotely in a secure and safe cloud server like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.

But there are not many free solutions for doing that. As an enthusiast of free stuff, I do admire UpdraftPlus for the awesome plugin they made that is super easy to set up and works marvelously behind the curtain. You can just set it up and forget about it.

I like Google Drive because of how much space it gives you for free. And, in case you missed it, I love free stuff.

About UpdraftPlus:

This plugin works fabulously around the timeout issue, only backs up the necessary files, uploads files as chunks.

This is perfect if you want to set up cloud backups at zero cost and zero risk.

The plugin avoids all core wordpress folders to conserve space. You can easily restore your site afterwards extracting the zip files it creates.

This is not a sponsored post. I just love the plugin.

How To:

The process is very easy.

To make the process faster, make sure to remain logged in on your google account. You can also use Google Drive without a Gmail address, just register that email address for a google account. You can’t use Gmail, but you can use other non-mail services with that account.

First, install and activate the plugin:

Once done, go to the UpdraftPlus settings.

Once inside, set up your proper backup schedule and the maximum number of backups to retain.

Then select Google Drive from the list of cloud solutions:

If you want to be notified on each backup, tick the checkbox for notification.

Then hit Save, and wait a few seconds.

Once the setting is saved, UpdraftPlus will prompt you to authenticate with Google Drive:

Follow the link. It will ask you to select a google account.

Then it will go and authenticate your account and come back with another link to click.

Click Complete Setup and you are done!

You are now set with automatic backup to Google Drive. Safe and secure!


  • Jane

    Hey thanks. This helped me. Do you know how I can also set this up for Dropbox?

    • Hi Jane, I’m glad you found it useful.
      Setting up dropbox is pretty much the same. You choose DB as the backup destination, and once it saves, UpdraftPlus will ask you to follow a link to authenticate with Dropbox. Afterwards, allow access after logging in.
      Hope this helps.

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